What Is Enrichment Grooming?

Enrichment is defined as “the action improving or enhancing the quality or value of something”

Adding an enrichment session to your pet’s grooming can build a positive relationship with their pet care professional, leaving them to feel safe, secure and connected, while mentally providing good stimulation and brain balance.

A trip to the groomer can seem stressful or frightening for some pets. They may have had a difficult experience elsewhere, or they may just be naturally anxious, aggressive or fearful.  Enrichment grooming creates a positive connection for the pets with their stylist. 

Enrichment activities that Kisment K9 Pet Spa utilizes are Tellington touch (T-touch), snuffle mats, lick mats, loose-leash walking and tour of salon, story time with the stylist, puzzle toys, toy play.

The goal is to connect grooming to a positive experience, activity or feeling.

Enrichment Grooming Session ~ 15 minutes ~ $15 added to bath or haircut